Restoration Tips and Trends

Apr 15, 2022

12 Things To Know Before Painting Moldy Spaces at Home

While some people attempting to solve the mold problem resort to painting over moldy areas, this solution often hides the problem instead of getting rid of it. In fact, if you cannot control the mold before painting, the problem could get worse. Thus, it is crucial to find what caused the mold before you paint moldy surfaces.

Nov 12, 2020

Guarding Your Home Against Winter-Related Damage

Homeowners, wishing to guard against any damage that the winter season might cause, can take some simple steps to prevent water damage. Frozen or Burst Pipes: Pipes along your exterior walls are most vulnerable to cold temperatures, especially in homes with inadequate or improper insulation. Keep the cabinet doors under your sinks open (more)

May 28, 2019

Can You Smell a Sewer Odor in Your Home or Business? See Suggestions On Eliminating that Smell From Your Property

If your home begins smelling like sewer, you have a problem you can't ignore. When plumbing systems malfunction or are installed incorrectly, it can cause sewer odors in your home. Different problems such as damaged seals around the toilet or improper installation of vents or traps in fixtures might be (more)

Jan 20, 2019

Frozen Pipes – How to Prevent It from Happening and What To Do If It Does

When winter approaches it's time to be aware of possible freezing pipes and the damage it can cause. Frozen pipes can lead to costly repairs. Knowing what to do if your pipes freeze can possible prevent a disaster. When it's freezing outside and you turn on your faucet but only (more)

Sep 07, 2018

What to Do If Your Septic Tank Or Sewer Drain Backs Up Into Your Home Or Office…

If your septic tank or sewer drain is backed up, it is a problem that is best left to professionals for a whole host of reasons. Here are some guidelines you should follow when dealing with a backed up septic tank… Why You Should Try to Clean It Yourself The number one (more)