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Biohazard Cleanup in Florence, KY

Biohazard Cleanup

Most people never think of what is involved in cleaning up blood or body fluids after an accident, injury, or unattended death. How to proceed requires serious consideration and special attention – not only because the individuals involved are emotional or experiencing stress, but also because certain materials are hazardous. 1st Call Disaster Services can help bring an unfortunate situation to a satisfactory solution.

Unattended Death Cleanup in Florence, KY

Unattended Death Cleanup

There are times when a body is not found immediately, entering into varying states of decomposition before someone discovers it. This often happens days or weeks after the person has passed. Strong odors of putrefaction may also be present, which can be difficult to get rid of without the help of a trained technician.

Homicide Cleanup in Florence, KY

Homicide Cleanup

We understand that the violent death of a loved one can be extremely traumatic for a family. During this emotionally distressing time, the family has to deal with the police, handle funeral preparations, and talk with the insurance companies while grieving over their loss. 1st Call Disaster Services provides complete homicide clean-up in the Greater Cincinnati Tri-State Area.

Suicide Cleanup in Florence, KY

Suicide Cleanup

Suicide can be one of the most emotionally damaging and traumatic experiences that a family or group can face. They will likely deal with many different thoughts as they attempt to figure out what led their beloved friend or family member to make this tragic decision. The last thing that the bereaved want to deal with after a loved one's death is the cleanup.

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