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If You Think You Should Dry DIY Think Of The Pear Principle

Posted on: Thursday October 26, 2023 at 9:49 AM
If You Think You Should Dry DIY Think Of The Pear Principle

Hey DIYer! You Should Handle your own water loss…the need for speed!

Following water damage, the first question many homeowners ask is, "Can we handle this ourselves?"Unfortunately, although DIY fixes may be an attractive option in the short term, the consequences of aninadequate structural dryout WILL cost significantly more in the long run. AND you’ll be guessing as towhether or not mold will ever become an issue.

Water damage can cause several problems, including the corrosion or failure of electrical and plumbingsystems. In addition, it can compromise the structural integrity of ceilings and walls, and mold growth iscommon in spaces without proper ventilation or failure to establish a “dry standard” – HOW WILL YOUKNOW IT IS DRY – FEEL IT RIGHT – simply incorrect as our bodies do not have this capability. This articleoffers a brief overview of structural drying and explains why it's a job you should leave to the pros.

Structural Drying and the Pear Principle

When you take a DIY approach to assessing and managing the impact of water damage, you risk facingmore serious (and costly) problems in the future OR a denied claim with your insurance. Structuraldrying is a complex process involving four principles: extraction, evaporation, dehumidification, andtemperature control. To demonstrate the principles of structural drying, think of a pear.

If you take a bite out of the fruit and simply set it down on the counter, it won't last long before showingsigns of rotting, browning, and general decomposition. In just a couple of days (if not sooner), it willlook, feel, and taste nothing like when you first started eating it – it becomes downright gross!

On the other hand, if you take a pear and puree it, then place it in a dehumidifier, it will become adelicious snack that's edible for many days and is free of any signs of rot or decay.

The question now is: how does this relate to water damage?

The Pear Principle shows that the steps you take following water damage make all the difference inwhether or not elements of your home will suffer long-term damage (mold, secondary damage oroutright deterioration) or remain in a good state (the edible, dehydrated pear).

If you don't take proactive measures to help your home recover from water damage, it's only a matterof time before the moisture eats away at critical elements of your property. We have the equipmentand expertise necessary to mitigate water damage by using advanced techniques that help removemoisture – not just "dry things out" in a very timely manner and recall – speed is the need!

The bottom line is that effectively fixing water damage requires more complex tools than big fans andtime. Of course, there are plenty of situations in which homeowners can fix a problem with a DIYapproach, but water damage and flooded structured is not one of them.

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