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4 Reasons to Hire the Pros for Water Extraction After Basement Flooding

Posted on: Thursday October 26, 2023 at 11:37 AM
4 Reasons to Hire the Pros for Water Extraction After Basement Flooding

The first steps you take following basement flooding can significantly impact how much time and money you'll need to spend to restore your space to its original condition. Hiring the right team of professionals can help you avoid several headaches throughout the process.

This post will cover four reasons you should avoid taking the DIY route when extracting water from your flooded basement.

1. There's Much More Water to Be Removed Than You Might Think

You've probably never given much thought to the volume of water absorbed in a square foot of carpet padding. But if you did, chances are the answer is more than you'd think.

During a recent extraction project, we removed nearly one quart of water from a single square foot of carpet area. At roughly 1,000 square feet – the approximate average size of a basement – you're looking at nearly 2,000 pounds of water. At best, several hundred pounds of liquid will need extracting.

2. DIY Extraction Is a Safety Hazard

Shop vacs are the go-to tool for many do-it-yourselfers who think they can tackle water removal projects. Even though these machines may seem adequate, you could expose yourself and others to an electrical hazard.

Everyone knows that the combination of water and electricity creates a dangerous situation. If you're not fully trained in the latest water extraction techniques, you could be putting yourself at risk of serious injury.

3. Professional Extraction is Much More Efficient

Extracting water from a basement is a big job, and time efficiency is essential to ensuring that your space is fully restored. If we use the earlier estimates of a 1,000-square-foot basement and one quart of water per sq. ft., DIYers are looking at roughly 50-100 trips in and out of their home to dump the liquid they extract from the carpet.

This process is backbreaking labor and will take hours (if not days) without the right equipment. Every hour that moisture remains in your home raises the chances that significant damage will occur, and extraction by a non-professional will take a toll on anyone's body. Even if you're able to remove all the water – which is unlikely – you'll probably look back on the experience and wish you'd called in the pros to take care of the problem.

4. Not Doing it Right Has Serious Consequences

The main reason most homeowners tackle DIY projects is to save money. Unfortunately, water extraction is much more complicated than it seems.

When water enters your home, it doesn't just saturate the top level of your carpet. Because the moisture that makes its way into the carpet pad and subfloor can lead to mold growth, it’s important to use professional equipment for proper removal. While you may feel like you're saving money with rented tools and YouTube techniques, you could be looking at a complete carpet replacement if you don't do the job correctly. Taking this chance is simply not worth the risk.

Choose 1st Call Disaster Services for Your Water Extraction Needs

When you're facing the need to remove water from your basement after it floods, don't risk your safety, and avoid jeopardizing the longevity of your space. The experts at 1st Call Disaster Services have the experience, technology, and techniques to repair water-damaged areas quickly and effectively.

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