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Job Description

In your role as Bookkeeper of 1st Call Disaster Services, you will have considerable responsibility to ensure that all things within your purview run smoothly, are consistently on-time — and that nothing is forgotten. You will also have considerable responsibility to ensure company resources are protected and allocated, where needed. Excellent performance is recognized, appreciated and rewarded. You will provide leadership, constructive collaboration and close working with other managers to ensure 1st Call Disaster Services continues to grow as a best-in-class, profitable and sustainable organization.

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Skills / Duties

  • From time to time: answer phone and internet inquiries in real time with friendly, open and professional demeanor (as needed backfill duty)
  • Deliver all relevant information from the outside to Division Heads in real-time – so that internal processes can commence promptly
  • Setup and manage new client files in Quickbooks (QB) throughout the claim process –ensuring a successful completion of the project and final collection of invoices
  • Run credit card(s) or process checks for deductibles and/or self-payers.
  • Claim Process Intermediates
  • Send/manage invoices to insurance companies, property owners or other appropriate parties ensuring timely collection so that weekly cash flow objectives are met or exceeded
  • Manage and update our client software management tools — This would assure data is up-to-date and that we are in 100% compliance with operational procedures
  • Support Operations Manager with complete, up to date job financials
  • Generate job costs report weekly from client management software
  • Maintain and monitor work-in-progress and key performance indicators for key stakeholders (updated weekly)
  • Maintain and reconcile checking accounts
  • Reconcile and Audit credit card accounts to monitor use of credit cards
  • Implement and maintain a Purchase Order System (POS)
  • Assure on-time payment of payables
  • Reconcile and Audit fuel card

Requirements / Qualifications:

  • A love of multitasking in a fast-paced environment
  • Minimum of 3 years with QuickBooks (or equivalent)
  • MS EXCEL proficient
  • Excellent time management
  • Constructive leadership skills (can consistently, positively influence others)
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal, non-verbal, written, etc.)
  • Team player (works well with others, collaborative, flexible, adaptable to change, understands and meets the needs of others, etc.)
  • Pleasant, consistent, open and friendly demeanor
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Before responding to this opportunity please understand that the applicant will be required to relocate to Northern Kentucky or within a 30 minute driving distance.

Our Company Objectives

  • To help people develop and achieve their personal goals
  • To continually learn and strive for excellence
  • To be profitable and maintain a superior reputation among our peers, customers, clients, and employees