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Mold Removal Company

Looking for a mold removal company?

For a full-service mold removal company, call 1st Call Disaster Services at (859) 795-5775.

We specialize in the following services…

  • Containment and removal of affected materials
  • Engineered HEPA controls
  • Site preparation and proper drying for replacement of affected material
  • Professional deodorization
1st Call Disaster Services Does NOT Pursue Frivolous Mold Issues

The guidelines state that smaller (see EPA Guidelines for reference) mold remediation projects can be performed by the homeowner or building maintenance personnel. 1st Call Disaster Services will recommend the appropriate procedures to follow if minimal area has been impacted and can be cleaned properly by YOU. Only a minimal inspection fee shall be incurred if an on-site visit is required and/or requested. 1st Call Disaster Services does NOT perform mold testing. An Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP) is required for proper and thorough testing. Utilizing the small kits made available to the general populace is NOT recommended and will not be accepted as a post remediation evaluation test.

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mold removal company

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