Fire Chaser

Job Description

1st Call Disaster Services is a water and fire mitigation company that loves to "make wrong things right." We are looking for a person who loves to find opportunities by searching in unconventional places. If you enjoy uncovering opportunities in interesting places and if you enjoy sales – we've got a great opportunity for you! We need you to monitor emergency services (and any other places you can come up with) – and pursue business opportunities for our company – while helping people in distress.

We make wrong things right. We help people in the midst of great need and incredible stress. Their house has burned. Their house has flooded. Their lives are shattered. WE help them – and we're VERY good at it.

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Skills & Duties

We want YOU to connect the immediacy of client disaster needs to our client services. Find the people in distress – and connect them with us.

Qualifications & Requirements

  • A person who loves to discover and explore new opportunities and relationships.
  • A person who actually likes making good business happen – when everyone is happy.
  • A person who enjoys helping others and building bridges.
  • A person who likes to stay busy moves quickly but who knows when to linger when it matters.
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Before responding to this opportunity please understand that the applicant will be required to relocate to Northern Kentucky or within a 30-minute driving distance.

Company Objectives

  • To help people develop and achieve their personal goals
  • To continually learn and strive for excellence
  • To be profitable and maintain a superior reputation among our peers, customers, clients, and employees